The legacy as a starting point

Since Embalatges Casajuana was founded in 1947, we have had a great number of experiences that have helped us learn and grow.

Jaume, Francesc and Joaquim Casajuana belong to three different generations of the same family saga. Jaime laid the first stone, Francesc laid the foundations for a solid company and Joaquim has been able to put innovation at the service of tradition. All three symbolize the spirit of a specific time and certain living conditions that together, shape a business and life project in constant evolution.

In 2001, and under the direction of Joaquim Casajuana, a significant progress was made and the headquarters located in Pont de Vilomara (central Catalonia) was moved to Vidreres (Girona). This is a key moment, with the addition af a much larger facilities, commitment to technological development and the modernization of the machinery with which Embalatges Casajuana has managed to become a benchmark company in the sector.

More than 70 years later, at Embalatges Casajuana we still are a company in constant evolution, in search of excellence, without losing the essence of our family legacy, that firmly believes in the close relationship between people, thatr generates dialogue and promote alliances.

Our facilities

Embalatges Casajuana has facilities of more than 21,000m² where you can find:

Two fully automated nailing lines producing 35,000 pallets per week.
A covered area of more than 1000m² where the finished product is stored.
Three drying chambers with a capacity of more than 1,000 pallets each.
10,000m² for classification, logistics and permanent stock of pallets.
An important section for the reception and classification of the raw material used for manufacture our products.
A specific area where the phytosanitary treatment is done in our products by the standard implementation of the FAO, NIMF15 (ISPM 15).
A fleet of trucks with which we carry out an agile distribution of all the orders we receive.

Our team

Embalatges Casajuana is built up of a team 100% involved in everything it does and that shares the desire to expand the company without losing the familiar and close character that characterizes it.

All the people who work with us have enough experience to meet challenges and move towards constant improvement.