For more than 70 years, at Embalatges Casajuana we have been dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of the highest quality wooden pallets

What makes us different

We take care of the details because we like to do things well, we respect the transformation processes of the raw material with which we manufacture all our products, that’s why we can guarantee their quality.

We offer training and specialization courses to all the company’s employees. We understand that our growth also depends on the professionalism and specialization of our staff, as this is our main asset.

We manufacture quality pallets

All our products are the result of the innovation and the transformation of the wood destined to manufacture products perfectly adaptable to the needs of the market.

We are a sustainable company

100% of the raw material we use to manufacture our pallets is PEFC certified, so we can guarantee that the wood we use comes only from sustainably managed forests.

In the labeling of our products we include the independent PEFC certification, that prove the origin of the wood of our pallets.

Currently, we have a biomass boiler with which we manage the waste we generate, while producing enough energy to dry the wood and make the phytosanitary treatment required by the regulations.

With the objective to achieve the environmental goals, we have established four performance parameters which we extend to the entire team, regardless of the job position they occupy in the company’s organization. For us, ecology is not a trend, but responds to a business and, also, life philosophy.


ISO 9001:2008 Implementation certificate


ISO 14001 Implementation certificate


PEFC System Implementation Certificate


NIMF15/2010 Certificate


UIC Manufacturer’s license


CP Certificate


SMETA – 4 pilars Implementation Certificate