By controlling the production process we guarantee the quality of each of our pallets

Our way of manufacture our products puts us apart from the rest of competitors.

We are particularly careful during the production process

We follow a manufacturing process that is both neat and rigorous, that’s why we fulfill a series of protocols and certifications that allow us to guarantee that the production process is fully controlled and cared with precision. This makes our pallets suitable for all industrial sectors.

Reception of the raw material

Review and classification of the raw material


In the nailing line, we make the pallets according to the format, size and customization requested by each customer

Pallet mark

We customize the pallet with the customer’s logo fire-engraved on the block

Thermal and phytosanitary treatment

Once the production of the pallet is finished, we carry out a phytosanitary treatment according to the NIMF15 regulation, a certification suitable for the export of the product


When we dry the pallet, we make the humidity of the wood drop below 22%, or at the request of the customer, then the raw material are free of fungi

Waste management

We manage all the waste we generate fulfilling the ISO 14001 regulation

Commercialization and delivery

On a daily basis, we serve the finished pallets, ready for our customers and use them directly in their production lines

Advice on the design of your pallet

Enhance the brand identity of your company with our product customization service.

We can produce all kinds of pallets of different sizes, designs and finishes, with the addon of marking them with the corporate identity of our clients. We have an innovative technique to mark the pallet with the customer’s logo.

We take all projects as a single job, we advise, we take responsibility and we commit to pay attention during the manufacturing process of each product.


Our rigorous work system allows us to identify each pallet we manufacture.

Being able to identify each pallet is a fundamental part of the company’s quality and logistics.

By regulating the traceability of all our products, the customer can know at all times the origin and the material used in the manufacture of the product they have purchased, also, our traceability system allows us to apply total transparency in the pallet production line.

Just-in-time service

We can offer a scheduled or immediate delivery service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Thanks to our considerable stock of pallets that we inventory daily.

Training and specialization, two fundamental pillars for our growth

We offer training and specialization courses to all company staff. We understand that our improvement depends on the professionalization of our team.

At Embalatges Casajuana we have created a Health and Safety Management System in the work environment, with we can carry out preventive monitoring and stay up to date on legal matters regarding risks, safety and prevention at work, because for us, people are the most important thing.