Working focused on sustainability is not a choice, it is our way of committing ourselves to the planet.

Chipboard blocks

At Embalatges Casajuana we take a step forward in the fight against climate change by incorporating chipboard blocks of ecological wood into our pallets, producing 100% recyclable pallets, with which we achieve:

Promote the preservation of natural resources

Industrially grow consciously

Reduce pollution

Preserving the environment

We follow internal controls to guarantee the quality of the ecological chipboard block

All our ecological blocks have the EPAL (European Pallet Association) certification and fulfill with all the regulations provided by the EU.

Giving a second, third or fourth life to both the pallet and the chipboard block is fundamental, also it allows us to offer products of the highest quality, extremely resistant and to continue advancing as a company in a sustainable way.

Advantages of the ecological chipboard block

100% recycled


high resistance

Optimum humidity

Fully biodegradable

Contains no bacteria or insects